Moho Gallery

Have you done some cool work with Moho? Want to show off your animation talents? Send us pictures, movies, and Moho project files, and we'll gladly show them to the world. Of course, we'll give you full credit for your work - we just want to show off what our talented users can do. Send your submissions to: Lost Marble Webmaster

Moho is used to create animated movies for many different purposes. The categories below show examples of the different ways Moho can help with your creative projects.

(The samples on the following pages require Flash 7. Click a thumbnail to watch the corresponding movie.)

Art & Entertainment

Music Videos



Public Service Announcements

Animation Tests

BSKYB Health & Safety
Creator: Uli Meyer Animation
Directed by: Barry Baker

Filatelia (edit)
Creator: Diego Mendiguren, MendiStudio

Keep Middletown Beautiful
Creator: Gary Turner, Time Warner Cable

Traffic commercial for Madrid, Spain
Creator: EMP S.L.

El Trabajo en la Huerta
Creator: Miguel Esteve & Leire Ferreiro from Kamestudio