International Translations


Some Moho users have been workign to translate Moho's user interface into different languages. You can download these language packs here. To install a different language, just copy the file "Moho.5.1.strings" to your Moho program folder and re-start Moho. These translations do not include the user's manual - only the interface of the program itself has been translated.

If you have translated Moho to another language, please let us know.

Click on the flag below to download the corresponding language file.

English - This is the original file. if you want to localize Moho to your language, download and modify this file. If you choose to use Moho in English, you don't need to download this file.
French (for Mac OS X only)
Japanese - This file is for use with Mac OS X only, and only includes translations of the menu commands.
Russian - The Help file is also available in Russian here. Manual translated by Vladimir Kosenko, Animation Studio ToonGuru (