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What's New At Lost Marble?

New Product
Lost Marble is pleased to introduce a new product, LM Stitch.

Moho Updated
Version 4.0 of Moho, our 2D animation software, has been released.

New to version 4.0:
Improved interface
Graphical animation curves
Bone constraints
Batch rendering
Audio support
Context-sensitive info panel
More animatable parameters
Flexible animation cycling
Object naming
Keyframe scaling
Resizable projects
Much more!

New to version 3.5:
Particle system layers for water, smoke, and swarming effects
Layer shear tools

New to version 3.2:
Improved freehand drawing tool
Optional display of NTSC "safe zones"
Option to hide "offscreen" artwork
Reversible layer masks
Line thickness randomizer
Set fill and line settings for upcoming objects
Bug fixes

New to version 3.1:
Enhanced Switch layers: they can now be manually controlled, and can interpolate between sub-layers
Drawing tablet support for the freehand drawing tool (Windows only)
Option to display SMPTE timecode in the timeline (see Edit->Preferences menu item)
Bug fixes

New to version 3.0:
New streamlined, modeless user interface
Layer masks
Onion skins for easier animation
"Virtual camera" with depth effects
Numerical editing of points, bones, layers, and camera
Image warping
More things are animatable: fill and line colors, layer shadows and shading, layer depth, virtual camera

New to version 2.6:
Vastly improved Flash export (files are smaller, more visually accurate, and more compatible)
Dramatically improved Illustrator import
Bug fixes
Moho is now available for Mac OS X

New to version 2.5:
Flexible bone binding (for smooth and squishy animation)
Color swatches in the Style palette
Bug fixes

New to version 2.2:
Moho is now available for MacOS
Switch layers (for lipsync and other audio-synchronized animation)

New to version 2.1:
QuickTime output on Windows (including alpha channels for codecs that support them)
QuickTime input on Windows for image layers (including alpha channels for codecs that support them)
Render up to 4096x4096 pixels
New layer shading effect
Bug fixes

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