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Welcome to our links page. Here you'll find web addresses of software you might want to use with Moho, maybe some sample work of Moho users, and other random links. If you have a website you think should be linked here, drop us a line.

Third-Party Software

  • Adobe Premiere Of special interest to Moho users is Adobe Premiere - great for splicing together multiple shots into a full cartoon, as well as adding a soundtrack.
  • Macromedia Flash Moho can export animation files in Macromedia's Flash (SWF) format, designed for streaming animation over the web. Use Macromedia's Flash authoring tool to add sound, interactivity, and more to your Moho masterpiece.
  • Pamela Pamela is a lip-syncing tool specifically designed to work with Moho. It's very easy to use, and best of all, free!
  • Magpie Third Wish makes a very useful tool for animators called Magpie. It helps you analyze a voice recording and figure out how to lip-sync your animation to it.
  • Stop Motion Pro Stop Motion Pro is a tool for stop-motion animation. If you've got a video camera hooked up to your PC, you've really got to check this out. There have got to be some cool ways to use this program together with Moho...
  • Anasazi Stop Motion Animator Here's a free stop-motion animation tool for Windows users. Claymation anyone?
  • RE:Vision Effects, Inc. RE:Vision Effects has some very cool video filters, for live-action video, animation, 3D, whatever. They even show a sample Moho movie or two!
  • ABC VideoRoll A free video editing application for Windows users.
  • Strata DVbase A free video editing application for Macintosh users.

Animation Links

Moho Users

If you're using Moho and want to be included, send us a URL.

  • Moho eGroup An online forum for discussing Moho, sharing tips and tricks, etc.
  • Myles's Moho miscellany This Moho user has some great tips for special effects like fire and smoke, and also some cool examples using Moho's heirarchical layers. New: Myles has been busy writing add-on software for Moho. Check out his free programs for lip-syncing and other tricks.
  • Moho Animator's Webring This webring is a collection of sites that have Moho-related information. You're welcome to browse, or to join the ring yourself.
  • Worm & Lump Worm & Lump is a short cartoon created by two Moho users. Check out their diary that describes the process.

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