3 d shading improvements

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3 d shading improvements

Post by otonal » Tue May 21, 2013 11:08 pm

the 3d functionallity in anime offers so much potential.
but considering its shading, i struggle and fail quite alot to achieve truly decent and satisfying results that are usable in the end.

here is my problem:

i import obj heads,
in layer options turn off material, and choose shading -none.

then i start experimenting with the treshhold values for the folds.
this way, most of the time i am getting quite close to a look i want but i am only almost there and cant adjust anymore without loosing things that were already right or gaining new things to the sollution that certainly look wrong (see pictures below).

Image Image

usually i only get something okay or “interesting” playing around with the 3d layer options but it certainly lacks control for the finsihing touches.
i would love to just click away some of those obviously unwantes folds, just keeping those i like!
so i suggest a new tool to clean up the the folds solution calculated by anime to allow manual removal of unwanted individial foldlines directly on the model so to correct "errors" or thin out areas that are too dense while others are already perfect(see nose in pictures below).
this would help alot already.

another addition i am thinking about is allowing to change the foldstroke width on a per fold basis directly on the model with a tool similar to the linewidth tool or even something that allows direct (vectorlike?)painting and editing of foldlines directly on the model! to give it the appearance you really want and not depending on the sollution proposed so much, with little direct control for finetuning.

with this enhancements you coul certainly get better control, which woukd benefit to the shading and make it really pro.
:idea: baking of the adapted shading results should be possible as well to use it as a map maybe afterwards.
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