How to do a basic meteor effect...

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How to do a basic meteor effect...

Postby fracturedray » Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:36 am

basic meteor effect

Basically I'm using 4 shapes
One is a yellow oval for the main hot spot
Two is the large oval with a blur on it.
Three is in a particle folder and it is a tiny circle for the sparks.
Four is in a particle folder and it is the puff of smoke.

All of these are in a main group that will be moved.

Things to be aware of....
Moving particle emitters causes the particles to move even if you set the velocity to 0 So you will need to set the dampening.
Since the particle will be coming in at an angle to give the illusion of the smoke falling you will need to counter the angle with the acceleration direction.

So I set the tiny sparks shape layer to change from yellow to orange to red then fade the opacity of the layer out. All in 60 frames and I also set this all to loop from 1-60 for the shape.
In the spark particle layer I se the lifetime to 60 (like the loop) and then set the direction to 0 and velocity to .2 and the spread to 60

In the cloud shape I changed the colors like the sparks except I continued from yellow orange red then I went to gray and then black and slow opacity fade.
The smoke layer had a longer loop so I made sure the particle life match the loop length.

Obliviously this is a draft. And a lot more can be done. Such as duplicating the sparks layer a few times and animating the loop movement so the sparks move erratically. Adjust the scale of the clouds. Make the main glow better. etc etc etc.

Here is the AS7 pro file
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