Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

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Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

Post by otonal » Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:40 pm

this script from animescripts does not work in version 9
it is said to work in 5,6 and 7.2 only...

it would really like to do some addtional frame by frame from time to time.
would be so perfect to have the script working in 9
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Re: Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

Post by otonal » Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:15 am

also this script could need a second button that does not set empty/blank stop motion keyframes like the first button but does clones as truly independent duplicates of the last drawing and sets them in a new keyframe!
this without any interpolation between the dupilcate and the orginal before that- so one could slighty change duplicates from time to time with the keyframes switching in a stop motion/frame by frame sense not a tweening.

at first try,it is almost impossible to do this with the script as it is by now. you will run into a lot of strange errors first.

with long try and error i found a way to do it with the script- to make duplicates,adapt them with a hard/stop motion switching and no interpolation taking place -but that is some effort and a somehow compilcated workflow( i can write it down if someone needs to do that)

also i managed to do some post-keypose-inbetweening frames with the script, also takes some extra effort- so a third button for inserting blank inbeetween-frames that will only hold untill the next set keyframe would be nice too.

with these enhancements and the script working in version 9, anime could be my new flipbook :)
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Re: Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

Post by funksmaname » Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:09 pm

why don't you just set your default interpolation to step, and then whenever you make any keyframe changes there will be no transition... you can also then add an inbetween by just adding another keyframe
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Re: Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

Post by synthsin75 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:10 am

A new version is coming, but it will not be available here (or on See my signature and the requirements here: ... IC_ID=2058
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Re: Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

Post by otonal » Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:24 am

thats good advice- sometimes i have great talent of making the most obvious things extremely complicated for me(and others). in the end i spent the whole day trying to get this stop motion style duplicates thing going with the script and you dont want to know how much magical thinking and strange workflows were involded to do it my way -nevertheless it worked in the end ;)

so just for the fun of it:
1. with pentool(closed shapes and autofill) i draw a first shape
2. i scrub further in the timeline, hit the button to set in a blank frame by frame keyframe and draw something else.
3. lets say this time i want this new shape to be duplicated for the first time:
for this i scrub some further(with the pen tool still selected and all points and the second drawing still red)
and enter another blank keyframe. now i scrub back, copy the drawing from the previous keyframe, go further back to the new blank one again, and paste.
4. now see: this is only an outline with no fill! if i use transform tool and move it, it must stay so ! and if i scrub beyond the keyframe i must stay so as well! if it gets filled by using transform on it something went should restart by 1.

5. now i use create shape(u) and space to fill it wich will not work really until i touch any vectorpoint of it with the select points tool(g)- magic :)
6. now i have my first "hard-switching" stop motion frame duplicate produced.
7. if i scrubb some further and this time do NOT insert a blank keyframe with the button but just transpose my shape from 6 i have produced a second duplicate very easily.
8. the downturn this works only one time! from there on it wont be that easy anymore.
9. to produce further stop motion duplicates that can be adapted independently you now scrub further and enter a blank keyframe first.
now just some frames before that new blank keyframe in the timeline you change something on the last shapeduplicate that is now shown without fill again to record keyframes for it not create a blank keyframe with the button at this postion.
then create a second blank keyframe with the button, right in front of the outmost blank you created before( and some time after the manually created keyframe you just set for the unfilled shape) - that way the shapeduplicate wont fade into the center!
now move the pair of the two outmost blanks you just used way back in the timeline.
10. from there on you repeat the process described in 9 for further duplicates-all will be without fill first dont worry. you just have to restablish the fill with the trick explained in 5 for the first duplicate in the timeline that is without a fill-all follwing from there on will autmatically be filled too by that!
but now the first 2 or 3 duplicates that were produced until 8 lost their fill.
manually refill them with the trick explained in 5 again and you are done.
thats already it 8) -working
if something goes wrong for you i can explain in more detail.,
i you want to read about my inbetweenig i can write it down as well its much shorter and without any special tricks basically.

but steps- yeah right- thats much better ^^maybe i should change my name to "aged noob" or something.
thx again funks
but still i would like a second "insert (independent duplicate) clone" button alot for the script, right next to the insert blank stop motion keyframe one.

great news!!!!!!!!!
i hope i can get some access to it then even if today was not very vip-ish for me ;)
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Re: Frame-by-frame on a single layer for 9?

Post by otonal » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:13 pm

is Frame by Frame out for 9/9.5 yet?
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