Select Shape short cut keys Ctrl +Alt+ Shift!

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Select Shape short cut keys Ctrl +Alt+ Shift!

Post by SuperSGL » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:01 am

Found this again by accident, can't seem to find these anywhere but this first one a lot of you know - Holding down Ctrl with a shape selected click on a different shape and those attributes become on the selected (including outlines as long as the shape has them) Holding Ctrl + Shift seems to just grab the fill doesn't change the outline, if you click and drag on an image you can pick up any of those colors for your fill.
Ctrl +Alt + Shift gives you just the outline.

A nice feature is you don't have to have anything selected for these short cuts, it will change the fill and or the Outlines in the styles menu. Or with still nothing selected Ctrl click on a shape (with a fill and outline) and it will change both in the styles window.

Also, if the shapes are on the same layer (which took awhile to figure out) Holding Ctrl+ Alt does the opposite which ever shape you click on (in the same layer) becomes the color of the selected (with outline if it has one)

Anything with the Shift key seems to have to be a click and drag to work other wise you get white.

This is all a little confusing believe me It took me a half hour just to write this going back and forth. It does come in handy for certain situations.
Hope you'll find this useful!
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Re: Select Shape short cut keys Ctrl +Alt+ Shift!

Post by Greenlaw » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:13 pm

I know what you mean. I've been working in Moho for a few years and sometimes I still get confused about the hotkeys.

I write everything down too, and I do mean everything. (Thank goodness for Evernote and Googledocs.) :P
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