One object 3 Outlines

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One object 3 Outlines

Post by SuperSGL » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:22 pm


for a bit of a concave look

Square 1. Inside; Style (Stroke 8 width) 2. In Layer settings: Middle; Outline on (width 5 light grey) 3. Layer settings: Outside; Shadow on, expansion 10 (no alpha - Offset & Blur 0)

Circle 1. inside; Has a drop shadow added

Triangle the fill just has a drop shadow.

Star 1. Inside; Stroke Style (6 width) Effect - Gradient

Thought this might help with some ideas with the added visual of how it could look. Halo's and Soft edge wash out the outer line.

Added update: Brush strokes seem to effect all three outlines as well!
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