solving Camera Zoom Curvy Movement

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solving Camera Zoom Curvy Movement

Postby ghadiany » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:13 pm

The problem in camera zoom is when you zoomed in , the camera movement is curvy and sometimes your target was go out of the screen and comeback again.
To solve this problem, you must use the Track camera and change the Z value.
in this trick, it seems that you zoomed in and the curvy movement of camera is not happen.

try this and note me the new happen problems.

Thank you.
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Re: solving Camera Zoom Curvy Movement

Postby Greenlaw » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:28 pm


Zooming and Tracking are completely different things, and the results reflect this.

Zooming doesn't move the camera at all, it's changing the lensing of the camera. When you zoom in, you'll appear to get closer to the subject but there shouldn't be any perspective change. You'll see lens distortion but that's different from perspective. Normally, you use Zoom when you don't want to move the camera and you want to get closer to the subject without affecting its relationship to the background (in other words, the background will appear to move closer along with the subject.)

Tracking is physically moving the camera in 3D space. With the Track Camera tool, when you move in on the subject, the entire view is affected by perspective. Things that are closer to camera will appear to 'move' faster relative to the camera. This is most obvious between the subject and the background, which will approach the camera much more slowly than the subject (assuming the background is actually farther away from camera and not on the same 2D plane as the subject.)

If you're seeing a 'wobble' in the 3D motion, make sure you're not animating the camera and zoom at the same time. You can get some interesting effects by doing that but it's usually meant to be weird. (For example, the compensated zoom effect in the Hitchcock movie Vertigo.)

If you're seeing a 'wobble' and using only Track Camera, enable Show Path and/or check the Motion Graph. Then, look at your scene from a different angle using the Orbit tool. You should be able to see where the 'wobble' is occurring and correct it. The usual cause of 'wobble' is too many keyframes, so consider deleting unnecessary keys. If it's still being difficult try using Bezier curves. And if that doesn't help, you may actually need to add more keyframes to 'hammer out' the bumps (setting some of these keys to Linear might help too.) Try simplifying the keyframes first's easier and it should look better most of the time.

When you're using only the Zoom Camera tool, you really shouldn't see any 'wobble'. If you do see 'wobble', I suspect something else is causing it.

Hope this helps.

(All that said, Moho could stand some improvements with its 3D camera navigation that would make it easier to use and prevent problems described above. For example, I would like to see something like Follow Path for the camera so we can have better control over the velocity the way we do with layers. Also, the camera really should have its own widget that you can manipulate from the orbit view.)
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