easier walk cycle start & stop

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easier walk cycle start & stop

Postby slowtiger » Thu May 18, 2017 1:24 pm

OK, walk cycles. You all have done them, dozens or hundreds. The Good way to start (according to Saint Williams) is with one foot in front, heel touching the ground, the other foot behind, bending but toes on ground (A). Copy this position some 16 frames or more later, reverse that position in the middle (A'), do the passing positions (B and B'). Adjust, refine, finished. Let's assume this is a walk in place. Minimum key positions would be A B A' B' A.

What do you do next? You set the cycle keys: last keys of everything set to some value. Done. Character walks and walks in eternity. Set some start and end position and adjust so it's not sliding on the ground.

Now what to do if you want to start from a standing position? You need to make a transition from standing to A, which means you also have to shift position from stand to A. More fumbling required to get it right.

Solution: once you've finished the walk cycle, cut the first quarter (A to B) and paste at the end (don't get a duplicate A). Now set the cycle value so it goes from B to B. B is the passing position, one foot is firmly on the ground. From a stand to B or from B to a stand is much easier than from A to a stand: just lower one foot. No shifting of position.

And don't ask how many years I've wasted without this. Such a shame.
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Re: easier walk cycle start & stop

Postby jahnocli » Thu May 18, 2017 3:44 pm

Ha ha! Thanks for that, Slow -- I can almost taste the exasperation...
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