**Small** tutorial dump! :)

Have you come up with a good Moho trick? Need help solving an animation problem? Come on in.

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**Small** tutorial dump! :)

Post by guyver93 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:48 pm

Hey guys/gals!

I've been really trying to grow my youtube channel lately so I've been making a lot of tutorials for Anime Studio and I'm ashamed that I haven't put the last few here on the REAL DEAL AS forum! I will add these to the main tab above but I wanted to make sure I shared these separately too because they might get missed in the pinned post because they would be at the the very end on like the third page!

This tutorial was made to work with previous versions of Anime Studio. You do NOT need to have MOHO to do this!

This is a tutorial on making a muzzle flash. It's not really that long. I just added some character movement at the end which took up a little bit time! It's very simple and only takes 2 frames to make! If you have questions let me know!

This is a tutorial on how to create a lightning effect in Anime Studio Pro/MOHO Pro. It involves using strokes, the stoke exposure tool, layer noise and layer effects. It is pretty easy to do has a really good looking effect! You can use it for lighting strikes or use it as a projectile effect similar to that used for magic wand battles in the Harry Potter Movies or force lightning in the Star Wars movies!

This tutorial shows you how to make dripping liquid using noise and the stroke exposure tool. I also use the noise effect to create blood. Really simple techniques that are quick and easy to execute!

Still, THIS is still the one, if not the main source for all things Anime Studio related and I for sure would not be doing any tutorials without this awesome community! Thank you to everyone on this forum! I've learned more here than anywhere else about animation! AS 4 life!!!! :)

This is my first character creator tutorial. It covers most of the things I could think of to get started making a character. I'm sure it's missing a lot of info but it might have some tips that might help out newbies to the AS game!

This is a tutorial making special effects like those seen in anime cartoons or video games. Again, particles, particles, particles! One of the best features in Anime studio!

This is how I'd make a mirror reflection in AS. Nothing fancy, using s reference layer, masking and adding a little reflective surface to make it look like glass and BOOM!

This toot is how I'd make speed lines with a character flying forwards or backwards. Again, simple one object and a particle layer!

2nd Speed lines tutorial. Same concept but for side scrolling!

This is kind of a 3rd part in the speed line trilogy of tutorials! :) This one shows how to created a colored blur and touches on using the new color points tool!

This tutorial is really just about using masks to create portals, doorways or holes. You can use segmented layers for this effect too but this might help understand the basics of masking and how to use it to hide and reveal objects!

I've made a few tutorials on physics back in the day but this is an updated version. I wanted to show people how you could really use it in an animation so I illustrated the effect in the intro cartoon. It's simple but very effective!

I'm a noob when it comes to frame-by-frame animation but it IS awesome and is the most traditional way of animating in AS. I love it! It is time consuming and I wouldn't be able to make tutorials if I have to make them frame by frame but it is truly beautiful! This is my first attempt at creating a frame by frame effect of a bubble popping and it turned out pretty good!

A remake of an old tutorial on using photos or rasterized images as cutouts, similar to the technique that the website jibjab uses. My original was created when my old computer was near death. It had lines going across the screen and I had a horrible mic. This one goes more indepth and gives you a couple of examples on cutting out pictures using anime studio. Yes, you can cut out pics with photoshop but the point is to show you that it can all be done within AS! :)

This is another masking tutorial. This time to show you how to create the illusion of light within a scene!

This is a cool tutorial on using bone targets and position control bones to make a character move with the movement of ANY of the legs! (It's easier to watch and see what I mean!) I take no credit for this technique. It was discovered by Paul McGrath on the Anime Studio Pros facebook page in which he discovered a cool looking tutorial by Alexander Ptichkin that is it absolutely amazing but is in Russian so no one quite knew how he did it. Of course, Victor Paredes looked at it and came up with his own technique in which I became so jazzed by I made this just to see if I could make it work!

So I wanted to make a control smartbone in which I came up with a way to visually see all of my switch layers in a group. In this case hands. It's more of an idea than anything else but I don't know how practical it would be. Still, you might find this useful if you want to use switch layers for a project.

This is an update to the tutorial above. Once again, Victor Paredes shows me the light and error of my ways! This an EXTREMELY useful and fast way to rig your switch layers to a smart bone so you have a control dial. This really did change the way I animate! It' s amazing, fast and simple!

This is a tutorial on how to simulate a flag or any other type of material look like it is blowing in the wind as well as how to simulate cloth movement...somewhat realistically!

This technique was NOT created by me! All credit goes to Victor Paredes.


Some easy and fun water effects for the peeps!

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Re: **Small** tutorial dump! :)

Post by rocky53204 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:24 pm

These are excellent tutorials! (each and every one of them)
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Re: **Small** tutorial dump! :)

Post by guyver93 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:35 pm

Here's a new tutorial everyone! Well this is more of a tips and technique rather than a full on tutorial for making a complete fight scene. Just some thoughts on character interaction and what not.
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Re: **Small** tutorial dump! :)

Post by Fuzatron » Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:34 pm

Always a treat getting a new tut from you, man. This one looks like no exception :) Thanks!!
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Re: **Small** tutorial dump! :)

Post by guyver93 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:35 pm

Just an example of making a female mouth in Anime Studio

New tutorial for those of you wanting to make a torchlight or flashlight type of effect! You just need two pieces of artwork (background and a duplicate of it recolored) and a mask! Blur the mask and you've got the effect!!! :)

This tutorial is on how to simulate cloth movement in wind or any other kind of wave movement in Anime Studio! I did NOT come up with this technique, I just revised it to be used with bones and the ability to add rasterized images.

Very simple but brilliant technique by a youtuber that goes by the name Gilbert Concepcion. He has been inactive for awhile but you can check out his channel here.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCornYX ... 4klwGPImaA
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