How to recover textures in .obj when reopening AS file

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How to recover textures in .obj when reopening AS file

Post by srninguno » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:51 pm

This is a problem I often have when working with textured .obj models: when I import them for the first time, the thing works well and I can see the object's texture. But if I exit AS, the next time i open my project the model looks grey with no textures at all. I tried different ways to solve this issue, but the best way i found is this:

1) Create a group layer.
2) import the .obj file and put it in the group layer. Don't ever animate or add bones to the 3d object layer (1).
3) Add a bone layer (if you plan to use them) and link the whole group to it.
4) Do any animation to the group layer: scale, rotation, bones, etc.

When you restart AS and load the project again, go to frame 0 and re-import the .obj file in the group. Then you can delete the one wich lost its texture.

(1) If you animate the 3d object, you won't be able to copy any animation properties into the new replacement object.

OK, that's all. Pardon my bad English, and I hope someone find this useful.
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