Daydream - The Master and his Cat clean the kitchen

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Post by LittleFenris » Wed May 09, 2007 2:31 pm

Touched wrote:Yeah, probably no one mentioned it before because I already stated in the first post that it was something I didn't have time to fix. I share your opinion about it.
Ah, didn't even read the first post, I just clicked on the link to the animation. :) I've seen your other stuff and didn't even bother reading cause I've liked the stuff you've posted in the past and just wanted to get right to the animation.
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Post by Touched » Wed May 09, 2007 2:51 pm

All understood. My next job is fresh out of the negotiation phase and I'm putting out a casting call for the voice roles, and in that one I'm trying the soft shading on all the characters. It's anime style again, which is my preference, but for anyone who prefers a more Paul Dini style, I have a commercial coming up very soon as well. For an insurance company yet, so I'd better try to live up to the E-surance standards. :) (Alas, there's no female lead in it. :( )
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Post by CHIO » Thu May 10, 2007 3:51 am

Excelente work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by ingie01 » Thu May 10, 2007 11:25 am

applause- the audience stands as they applaud its a HIT!
Not to mention all the great art work whoah, this thing clicks!
Oh did I say I like it? A LOT!
You'll know when you get there! My Dad
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