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Post by Mikdog » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:15 pm


Thought I'd put this up:


For the comic that this is based on, check out:


Done in AS Pro.

Drew all the stuff in Photoshop then used the 'Export Layers to Anime Studio' script to make importing the .PNG's into AS painless. What a great script. No need to resize layers again either.

Then I animated 'em. No bones. I used to love the concept of bones on PNG's, and it CAN work, but I tend to just cut up the legs and arms and use layer rotation now. I think I also got frustrated with how bones slowed down MOHO's operation...maybe AS has streamlined it more, but bones would make my system drag. Also, when the bones 'bend' a raster graphic, the inside of the bend can sometimes create a little negative circular area that looks kind of weird. I used bones with vectors for my HAPPY LAND creatures though and that worked very well because it was just one vector line with a stroke and no fill shapes.
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Post by EnDee321 » Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:22 am

Nice one Mikdog :lol:
Like how the music line ends with accident sound, hehe.
The method you used to draw and animate is interesting. I'm not sure about using these scripts. :oops: . I have to check it again. See ya.
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