Vather (behind the scenes)

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Vather (behind the scenes)

Post by cyclearrows » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:40 pm

I want to share the current project I’m working on and also my workflow.
The movie is called „Vather“ and will be around 20 minutes long.
The entire movie was made in Moho 12 - some shades were made in post in Aftereffects.
It is almost finished but I still need to make little corrections and 1 song is missing at the end.
I asked a friend of mine to sing the song. Otherwise I probably hire someone on Fiverr.

I put the files from the project in the order it was done on Google Drive:

1) Plot

2) Script
The numbers inside the script refer to the pages of the story board ... 6MyAC7qhg3

3) Character Design
Characters and some backgrounds drawn on paper ... hMAi1aL3tD

4) Story Board ... rEdPmdrHYf

5) Back Ground Painting
In Photoshop ... iCoZAYeg-e

6) Creating Characters and Rigging
In Moho ... BQzhdD8P5r

7) Recording Dialogues
In Adobe Audition

8 ) Animation
In Moho ... pssqNu_qUa

9) Post Production
In After Effects ... _og4Lks81d

10) Video Editing
In Premiere

11) Foley and Ambient Sounds
Premiere / Audition

12) Music
In Cubase. VST: East West Symphonic Orchestra

13) Final Mix
All the audio tracks (dialogue, ambient, foley…) need to be adjusted with reverb, EQ and compression

Here is a little piece of the movie (with music):
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Re: Vather (behind the scenes)

Post by cyclearrows » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:19 pm

After I uploaded the video it was automatically on private. But now it shows me that it's public. Does it work now?
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