Project Dogwaffle Howler version 11 is here

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Project Dogwaffle Howler version 11 is here

Postby exile » Mon May 22, 2017 7:11 pm

I've just upgraded to the new version of Howler

Yesterday one of the developers did a tutorial based on my questions about frame-by-frame in Howler which is a fair introduction to the work flow (but not to the capabilities of the drawing tools): My main reason for the upgrade is an improvement in the already powerful curve (arc) tool. I personally find it much easier to use than Clip Paint (Manga Studio) tools for the lines that are too difficult for me to do freehand. The painting tools, especially the particle brushes, are intuitive and fun to use except that there are perhaps too many possibilities.

The software is pixel-based. Another limitation is that multiple layers are not supported for animation, only for still pictures with a native format. However, there are numerous ways of storing parts of images for re-use on any frame. There are sophisticated tools to create effects like animated water or 3D landscapes which export as Obj files, some people use it mainly to edit or rotoscope videos, but my interest is in the fairly straightforward frame-by-frame features. I say fairly because much of the power is in non-standard use of brushes - even animations can be turned into brushes that can be painted onto any group of frames, for example. Some examples of FBF animations in Howler:

In spite of this long post, I get no percentages for sales of PD products, at the low price ($45 for the top of the line, full version) that wouldn't be a lucrative business. As a Moho user, I sometimes need to rebel against the "rig-amarole" of bone-based animation that gets so technically complex that I wonder if FBF is really much slower. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube, it's a software that does require an investment of time to use effectively.

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