PhotoLine 20 released

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PhotoLine 20 released

Post by herbert123 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:11 pm

PhotoLine 20 released today!

Release notes:

The most important new features of this release are:
* Dynamic (live) Filters: effects that were previously unavailable as adjustment layers can now be non-destructively applied to placeholder layers. External Photoshop compatible plug-ins can be used as well (when supported by the plugin).
* New filters: Match Color, Color (LUT) Lookup, and Context Blur.
* A new invert mask option in the layer panel greatly simplifies tasks when working with adjustments and clipping layers. This option works with both bitmap and vector masks.
* Patterns now support vector graphics, as well as a mixture of both vector and bitmap elements. A new pattern view mode is available in the view menu to assist in seamless pattern design.
* New onscreen control widgets drastically simplify working with patterns and textures, and existing gradient widget controls are improved.
* Placeholder layer (smart objects) enhanced and extended. Layers can now be directly converted to placeholder layers (similar to Photoshop's smart objects). Placeholder layers can now be used as layer masks, clipping masks, and masks for adjustment/effects layers.
* Layer search function! Filter and by layer type, or search for specific layers. And layer content can be safeguarded from editing
* Line/stroke patterns support corner alignment and start offset options now.

Other improvements
* The quality of gradients is improved (cubic interpolation option!) and gradients may be repeated and reflected/mirrored.
* New PDF Proof view mode for soft-proofing before exporting your work to PDF.
* Native spell checking in Windows 10 without having to install ASpell or Hunspell.
* "Dehaze" filter is compatible now with placeholder layers.
* A color or spot color can be assigned to 1bit monochrome layers, and transparency is supported for PDF export with overprint option. High resolution 1bit bitmap layers (for example 1200ppi or more image-setter resolution) can be overlaid on top of colour work. Great for comic prepress work.
* SVG import and export and PSD import have been greatly improved again. PSD import supports Photoshop smart objects!

And many smaller workflow enhancements and speed optimizations.

About PhotoLine
PhotoLine is a versatile all-purpose image and graphics editor. Enhance, edit and retouche photos, edit RAW files non-destructively, create multi-page layout designs and web mockups, prepare print-ready PDF files, export web images, and enjoy the built-in vector editing tools.

PhotoLine offers sophisticated tools to the creative professional: RGB, CMYK, LAB and grayscale color spaces, ICC color management, 16/32 bit per color channel, spot color support, PDF editing and export, and a non-destructive workflow with adjustment layers.

PhotoLine runs on Windows XP and later, Mac 10.6 and later, and in WINE on Linux.
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