Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

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Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby Víctor Paredes » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:54 pm

Hi, I have been spending some days in this fantastic software called Construct 2.
I have some software to create games and it's the first time I feel so comfortable using one. In less than an hour I had my animations walking around with the keyboard. It doesn't require any programing knowledge (at least for non complex stuff) and it's very very intuitive.
The best part, it makes a wonderful couple with AS.

I took some art stills from a project we are working on (so please do not share it) and in less than a day I get this
Check here (requires html5 support).
You can run, jump, duck with the keyboard arrows and "attack" using Ctrl.

I'm still learning, of course, but I love the software so far and I'm seriously considering buying the unlimited version.

PD: If you died in my "game", press F5.
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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby funksmaname » Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:15 am

That looks very cool Selgin! I really like the style.
I was looking at GameSalad before, how does it compare? (if you've tried it)

are the animations exported as PNG loops? Some more info on your process from AS > Construct would be interesting (even a video if you have time?) :)

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby Ramón López » Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:51 pm

What a small world! :D Or we must be "program brothers" or "brothers in soft" or, erm... something so :roll:

Well, it's simply for some reason it made me happy and called my attention :), I mean there are so much possibilities on this field out there... About the program itself, all I can say is I fell in love too as soon as I started to play with it (a few weeks ago and only when little time allows), for the named reasons and because, contrary as it can seem at first sight, you really HAVE the control (if you want to dig into it) to customize and play with almost every parameter to get every thing behave exactly as you want (but only IF you want). I mean, for the easy and simplicity I was worried about the lack of little customization possibilities to make characters or whatever behave or react *exactly* as desired and not in a too much predefined or impersonal way, but as far as I've tested (not too much but enough for this at least) I can say there is no reason to worry about this, cause behind the *super friendly* skin you can go as far as you want/need and in a very convenient way from my POV (of course, knowing some basic programming concepts help on this). Plus, as long as you understand the inherent performance or pure 2D limitations of course, I don't see a reason for this can't be extrapolated to every aspect of the program and therefore, the games you can do.

Besides that, although they seem a little development team, there is already a lot of existing effects, plugins and features, and new ones are added constantly by them or its very active community. What else, what else... well, you can make HTML5 games since first minutes (it brings with a lot of templates and examples to help on this), and it's a pleasure can play (perfectly) with it in your computer by several means and not only with keyboard, like using XBOX 360 Controllers or whatever, as long as you own the hardware. About the license, as far as I'm concerned, I think it totally worth the price, not only for all said, but because (if I understood it well) it is not based on a traditional upgrades system as we are used, but some kind of "only one license purchase" (please, inform yourself about this first, but it's how I think it works) which with, in addition, you get a lot of freedom to use it, even on several computers as long as you be the only one using it, which, being portable and relatively small as it is (and supporting Dropbox integration), gives a lot of flexibility and possibilities! It means, for example, that you can install it on a USB key and use it everywhere you want (again, as long as you be the only one), doesn't sound like incredible and super convenient terms?? I think cause of all this I decided to buy a license without too much trouble (what is extremely weird on me, due to my known problems taking decisions :P). Anyway, there is a trial edition (limited in some features but not in time) with which one can try and solve any doubt (as I did) before purchase it so I think there is no (or very little) possibilities of mistake around this.

What I think I miss more, to name some "drawbacks" here, is that there is no way (officially at least) to make online multiplayer games yet, but I think/hope it's only a matter of time... I miss too some basic sprites/layers 3D transform possibilities, and the included image/sprites editor is a little limited and slow too (I think that part is under development, tho) but precisely here is where Anime Studio comes to the rescue, so not so bad (in our case at least) after all. Indeed, I always thought that it could be like the very best friend of Anime Studio and well, selgin have just proved it. About that (BTW), I simply love the results you got there! Very impressive use of backgrounds or sprites, animation (as usually) and final look/style :)

And that were some of my thoughts just in case someone be interested. Hmmm... sorry if I've been too much in the "advertising blitzer" way on this, but I think I can't avoid it when circumstances allow it or I feel something fits with "my way". I'm sure I could have added a lot of more things, but at this point I think it can be enough... Well, greetings!
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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby neeters_guy » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:26 am

Construct2 is a neat and promising program. There isn't a lot of discussion about using AS for game making, but with png output, it seems to be a natural fit. Gamemaker Studio and Multimedia Fusion 2 (mmf2) are also good "non-coding" game makers that work well with AS.

That is one handsome looking demo, selgin! I'd like to learn more about your workflow too. :)

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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby neeters_guy » Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:05 am

neeters_guy wrote:There isn't a lot of discussion about using AS for game making...
Sorry, I don't mean go too far off topic, but I found a mobile game that J. Baker and Parker worked on: Video game assets
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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby neeters_guy » Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:32 pm

Another thread about game software: Game software?
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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby rocky53204 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:49 pm

Great graphics... if you press the up and down arrows at the same time he/it does a ducking jump, quite clever example!
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Re: Construct 2, game creator, anyone?

Postby J. Baker » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:14 pm

I just finished porting Tululoo over to OS X for silentworks. You might give that a try too. It's a great app and it's free. ;)
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