Best Workflow between Premiere/Flash/Moho

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Best Workflow between Premiere/Flash/Moho

Post by jaleocartoon » Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:06 pm

Hi there! I am new working in animation. Recently we have been doing an animation project (some short movies).
My mission is compose, edit, add some effects in After effects. The animators send me the scenes and i connect it, put transitions, some effects with premiere and after effects.
Our workflow already is: The animator´s send me the scenes in .AVI(Without compress) or SWF or Quicktime(no compress) I edit...and then export the final video(One master copy in .AVI (Without compress).
I want to know the best nondestructive workflow for working between Flash/Moho and Premiere/After effects.
Wich format is the better for exporting the final video for viewing(for example in a projection)????
Is it better they send me .SWF files than .AVI???
Is it better .AVI without compress or Quicktime without compress??
I had some problems with the quality of gradients and some transitions exporting in .AVI without compress, there is any better way??
I hope someone answer me i was looking for info about this and i didn´t find nothing good around i hope your wisdom help me!
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