Three Delivery

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Three Delivery

Post by Bones3D » Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:54 am

As some of you may recall from my previous posts, I've been a long-time fan and observer of Larry Schwartz's Animation Collective and their progress, going all the way back to some of their earliest projects such as Leader Dog and Tortellini Western.

More recently, however, I've been starting to notice an increasingly disturbing trend of sub-par programming coming out of the company since their success with the Kappa Mikey series. I am, of course, speaking of Speed Racer: The Next Generation and the more recent Three Delivery series, which premiered this weekend on the Nicktoons Network.

While these recent shows are an improvement in both the visual department and in the quality of character animation, they are severely lacking in the overall charm, appeal and cleverness of previous Animation Collective works.

In particular, Three Delivery is especially disappointing on this level, in that the show draws you in with attractive, flashy visuals, but then completely fails to compliment its appearance with any sort of compelling storyline whatsoever. It simply leaves you with no reason to care about the characters, let alone any reason to remember their names. Not even Animation Collective's short-lived, pre-school series, Ellen's Acres, ever suffered this badly in terms of writing. (In fact, I still even remember the unseen bus driver's name, despite the show having been off the air for over a year...)

That said, I'm really hoping this trend is temporary issue. I look up to people like Larry Schwartz, who show us that even the little guy can become successful in such a cut-throat industry. It would be really disillusioning to see Animation Collective end up going the way of Curious Pictures (among other similar talent-sucking black holes in the industry).
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