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Toonboom vs AnimeStudio

Post by SteveRyan » Thu Nov 09, 2006 9:37 pm

I did a comparison "article" of Toonboom, Moho and Flash about 4-5 years ago, but took it off my site because it was a bit dated, using Toonboom version 2 as the basis for the comparison.

The more I used each, the more I was convinced that Moho (AnimeStudio) was the better choice. If you prefer to draw nearly every frame, then you will like Toonboom better. If you like to build your characters and spend more time animating, then you'll like Anime Studio better. There is more time spent up front with AnimeStudio, but then the time you spend building your characters really starts to pay off.

There are a lot more "extras" included in Moho such as particles.

For someone interested in using Toonboom, there were few advantages over using Flash. But that was back with version 2; I can't speak to the improvements made since then.
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Post by slowtiger » Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:31 am

I see the same comparison threads occasionally pop up over there in the Mirage forum at Bauhaussoftware. For a quick comparison, the three programs can be divided like this:

Vector drawing tools (slick smooth lines, clear colours): ToonBoom, AS.
SWF output: Toonboom, AS.
Bone skeleton for easy character movement: AS.
Automatic inbetweening: AS.
Need to draw each inbetween by hand: Toonboom, Mirage.
Advanced drawing tools, wide range of FX: Mirage.

There will be many styles which can be done in any of these three, but I think the interesting part begins at the border of those common fields.
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Post by GCharb » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:01 pm

Hello all!

We have toonboom solo, studio and recentlly got AS at work, personally I love the ammount of easyness and control you get in AS when it comes to creating lines, to me it is more lioke 2D modeling then actual drawing, you can tweak crazy, adjust line width exactlly the way you want and in no time.

Toonboom studio has a more traditional aproach and to really use it you need a tablet, especially if you want varying line width, otherwise you need to convert your polylines to brush and then tweak the control points and believe me you end up with many of those.

To my short experience with AS, I can make cleaner, faster caracters/props/decors in AS then I can in Toonboom
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