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StoryBoard helpful software

Post by uncle808us » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:24 pm

What I find helpful is a mind mapping software, before I start to sketch out my story board.
It helps me capture my free thinking flow. I use Mind Maple.
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Re: StoryBoard helpful software

Post by Greenlaw » Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:10 pm

Yes! I love mind mapping programs. I use mind mapping tools to brainstorm and organize almost anything and everything I'm thinking about, like breaking down a story, flow-charting a script, designing a website, planning a birthday party, etc. Currently, I'm using a mind mapping tool to break down my Animaker videos and my next short film project. To me, mind mapping is not only helpful, it's a lot of fun too.

Many years ago, I started out using, which is super easy to use and the mind maps it creates are clean and elegant. used to be free, but now it's a subscription service. I still occasionally subscribe to because I prefer its simplicity. The nice thing is that, even if I stop my subscription for a long time, all my files are still there when I re-subscribe.

Another paid mind mapping program I like is Simple Mind Pro. It's similar to but it's a standalone program and not subscription based. (Just pay one purchase fee for a life time of updates.) Like, the mind maps Simple Mind Pro creates are appealing and easy to follow. if you need to work off-line a lot, Simple Mind Pro is a fine alternative to Simple Mind Pro is also a good choice if you need to work on the same files on a desktop and mobile devices because the program is supported on multiple platforms and the files can be shared via DropBox or GoogleDrive.

My favorite free mind mapping program is the open source FreePlane. This program is more advanced than and maybe harder to learn but once you get the shortcuts and hot-keys down, FreePlane is very fast and easy to use too. FreePlane is an off-shoot of another open source program called FreeMind, which is also a good mind mapper but FreePlane is more visual, thus more appealing to me. Also, FreePlane can be set up to look more 'free form' like' mind maps, if that's your preference.

Of course you don't need a computer program to mind map an idea. A pencil and paper works great too, and is probably more immediate if you have a brainstorm you need to get organized very quickly. The advantage with a program though is having an infinite page to work on, among other digital/online features.
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