Adjusting individual keyframes.

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Adjusting individual keyframes.

Postby toymaker1 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:22 pm

When I adjust an individual keyframe, I find that all the adjacent keyframes also move. Can anyone tell me how to adjust only one keyframe, without affecting the other keyframes?

Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Adjusting individual keyframes.

Postby Greenlaw » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:28 pm

Ideally, you would keyframe the items in the frame before and after that keyframe. This allows you to animate the frame in-between so, so it's not affecting curves beyond the keys.

To make this easier to work with, pay attention to the 'red' keys, which represent your current selection. Freeze Selected is a good way to keyframe selected bones or points quickly. It's even quicker if you set Freeze Selected to Alt F. (I'm not sure why this isn't already set by default because, to me anyway, it's probably the most commonly used shortcut. You'll want to do this for both the Bones and Points versions of the command.)

If you're in a hurry, the Freeze Pose (cmd-F) can hold poses too, but be aware that this version of the command keyframes everything. That may be ok if your animations are strictly pose-to-pose (simple) but it can make more 'lively' animations difficult to edit. Normally, it's better to use Freeze Selected.

Some elements can also be keyframed simply by clicking on them in the workspace, or by double-clicking directly on the timeline where you want to add the key.

Another way to hold a frame is to use Step Interpolation on a key but I would avoid that for general animation. Step is great if the mode is going to be used consistently in a channel (like in Switch Layers SBDs where you want non-linear selection,) but it can be a hassle to deal with if you plan to mostly animate in another mode (like Smooth.)
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Re: Adjusting individual keyframes.

Postby will_f » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:32 pm

UPDATE: It occurred to me after that long answer that you might only be looking for "Step" interpolation, you can look it up in Help.

The keyframes are all hooked together on the timeline. If you don't want an action at, say, frame 24 to affect all the actions in the rest of the timeline you have to use START & END FRAMES.

Let's say I have a ball on the screen and I want to make it bounce. I go to frame 24 and translate the ball's shape up in to the air. But when I hit play I see that the ball starts moving at frame 1. This is what you want to avoid, right?

OK, so I want the ball to start moving at frame 24 and not beforehand.

A.) I select the translate shape tool (or translate bone tool if your ball has a bone rig)

B.) I go to frame 24 and click the ball shape (or it's bone). This sets a STARTING POINT for the animation. It tells the software that I want that ball at that location at that point in the timeline.

C.) Now I set an END POINT for the animation, for when the ball stops bouncing. Let's go down the timeline about three seconds, to frame 96, and click the ball again, with the translation tool. Now you have told MOJO that you want the ball to stop moving at this point in the timeline.

D. Now you can go and animate all the frames in between, and no matter what your ball does between frame 24 and 96, it will be motionless before and after those two frames.*

Start and End points help keep your animation clean and happening when you want it to.

(Unless you have something like "bounce" interpolation set up, but that's a special case)
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