issue with bad image quality when exporting

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issue with bad image quality when exporting

Postby willnorland » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:12 pm

I've recently been doing some animation for a music video using lots of cutout photos. After finishing and exporting one shot I found that the images looked way too sharp, grainy and overall the quality was just quite poor. If there is anyway of fixing/optimizing this please please let me know!

This image is a close up screenshot trying to show the odd pixelated artefacts that i don't know how to remove Image
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Re: issue with bad image quality when exporting

Postby slowtiger » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:51 pm

Since these sharpening artefacts are only showing up on the heart I suspect the source material is just like that. Moho doesn't do any sharpening whatsoever. Check the source and eventually replace it.
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Re: issue with bad image quality when exporting

Postby Greenlaw » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:22 pm

It does look like a low-res scaling issue. What's resolution is the source? If it's much lower than the final rendered size and then scaled up larger in Moho, you will get 'jaggies'. This will happen in pretty much any animation or compositing program.

You can try enabling Higher Quality Rendering (Image options) and Extra Smooth Images (Render options) in Moho. What this does is it scales the image (first option) or output (second option) to 2X size, renders it, and then scales it back down to the target size. The result can be smoother AA at the expense of render time (4X). However, if the source resolution is too low to begin with, these features cannot perform miracles with it.

Another option is to scale the footage up before going to Moho using software designed for procedural up-rezzing video/animation. In my experience, the results can be pretty good within reason--the software can preserve edges and details without introducing 'jaggies'. But again, if the resolution is too low, it can't create what's not there to begin with, and can result in very soft images.

The best thing is to make sure your source has the appropriate resolution for your output resolution. The relative pixel size of the source should not be smaller than the largest it will appear in your final renders; preferable, it should be 1.5 to 2X higher.

Note: If the image has appropriate resolution to begin with, is scaled down in Moho, and then scaled up again in the same project, it should retain the original resolution quality. For example, if you put the image in a group, scaled it down, then put that group into another group and scaled it back up, the quality should still be the same--unlike in a bitmap painting program, where this kind of scaling will be destructive to the image. I'm mentioning this in case you thought scaling down and then up again causes the 'jaggies'--it shouldn't in Moho.
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