Anime Studio for creating Animated Explainer Video

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Anime Studio for creating Animated Explainer Video

Postby dhrub » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:56 pm

Hi Friends,

Need your Expert Opinion :)

I am an animation enthusiast with no background of animation . Have no budged Plus lack of skill having hard time to figure out the tools .

I want to INFO-GRAPHICS ANIMATED -VIDEO with voice Over typically called as " EXPLAINER VIDEOS". Sample videos at end. They don't have a lot of animation nor even high end vfx.

Can Anime Studio be used to do the Job? Not be hook or crook . but in a way it supports ! Eg It's not practical to use bones in a small pie chart just because I want to animate it

What input it would take ? What other tools would require ?if not free but within range of anime Studio

Note : Sole purpose of asking the question is to - avoid the Adobe After effects route ? because of high cost and the budget in which I am operating

E.g. Like the Pie chart rotates and then build up and the graph . . build up in run time . .
Eg2. The flow chart lines when we move from one decision box to another get drawn as we explain with voice over
Eg3 . Please do refer the video links

By animate I mean that The entire infographic is not presented at once. . they start building up over time in Sync with the Voice over explanation or to say animated presentation with voice over

NOTE: Please don't suggest Adobe After effects and other adobe package or any adobe products . I don't have money to buy it or use it because we don't have any clients as of now and we hate piracy

Note: Actually to say its not a typical hardcore animation . . .I we don't have any clue on how to animate an info graphics . Hope you got what we mean to achieve.

To help you visualize what I mean here are example: ... pfreload=5 ... dokO9t484X ... X&index=14 ... dokO9t484X ... X&index=25 ... X&index=35 ... X&index=38

Some bit different Explainer with more animation :
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Re: Anime Studio for creating Animated Explainer Video

Postby slowtiger » Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:21 pm

Short answer: Yes, it's entirely possible to do that kind of video in AS.

Possible problems:
1. You need to learn the tools and concepts of AS. Only basic stuff, since you will not use bones, but still some learning is required.
2. Pie charts and other graphs usually represent some real world numbers, so their proportions have to be exact. AS doesn't have any of the math on-board, but you can create charts in Excel and import them as images into AS.
3. If you work with images, you'll need a bitmap program to put their content on a transparent background. Gimp can do that (and others), and it's free.
4. You will need a basic video editor to put the scenes and the voice over together.
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Re: Anime Studio for creating Animated Explainer Video

Postby Shelde » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:07 pm

Great input on a very old thread Barry71 (let me guess...from
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