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Enhance the Enhanced Drawing Tools

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 6:22 pm
by otonal
some suggestions for the drawing functions( i am using version 9 pro):

1.automatic crossection creation for the create points tool:

i really would like to have (an option for) automatic crossection creation for the create points tool as well, not only for the freehand pen.
would be very nice nice to cross several existing lines with add points tool in straight lines or normal mode and have points inserted at all the intersections.

2.issue- for the freehandpen with autostroke option on, the previewline is missing its witdhpreview in autoweld mode:

when i use my tablet for drawing in autoweld mode, and have "use pen pressure" on in the freehand options, i only get a thin hairline and not the red previewline with variable width hence it lacks an indication for what i am actually laying down while i am drawing. this should be avialable as an option or changed.

3.deactivate red signalcolour of previewline:

the red signalcolour mentioned under point 2 for the drawtool helps in many cases to distinguish from the exsiting strokes while drawing but there are certainly situations where you want the exact opposite.
when i draw something i often would rather like to see the new strokes in conjunction and the same colour as the already existings ones while drawing.
if you could turn off the red signalcolour in preferences and instead use black or the recent stroke colour, it would often give me "a better feel" when building forms and characters with several strokes.

4. for newly created strokes turn off select path/keep path selected

one should be able to turn off this behaviour.
so when i draw with several strokes i would only see the (black) lines i just layed down, not all the red dots of the last path selected along with it.
i understand the feature certainly comes in handy when i further edit newly created strokes with transform etc but for pure tabletdrawing purposes and building up characters i would like to concentrate only on the lines i lay down in a more "artistic" approach not thinking about vectorpoints. so an on/off box for this in preferences would be very nice.

5. a new paintbrush
the pen freehandtool could use a companion in my opinion, a new paintbrush that paints fillareas instead of centerline curves- similar to illustrators blobbrush.

6. autoweld / flatten button for strokes
i am aware that you can manually weld strokes on a per point basis with transform tool and spacebar but often i would rather like to move several paths/open strokes on top of each other, just select them all and weld/flatten everything that is touching with the click of a button. or even have welding points propsed while i move one stroke as a whole over another. so with translate points tool in selectpath mode you could move open strokes over others and weld them together at the intersections with spacebar for example.

Re: Enhance the Enhanced Drawing Tools

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 11:59 pm
by chucky
This should go in the feature request section, also trawl around and bump old topics that discuss this. Write SM if you feel strongly enough.
SHhhhh but some of these features may be available as a script mod soon :wink:

Re: Enhance the Enhanced Drawing Tools

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:58 pm
by otonal
version 10 seems quite drawing-enhanced now , most of my wishlist came true

thx :)