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Opening ASdebut v8 file in ASP v7

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:02 pm
by wagmun
I managed to turn a AS Debut file Version 8 file into ASP Version 7 by deleting the following lines from the .anme file (rememberring that .anme files are text files and, to delete the lines, one should open it with a text editor):

global_render_style 0 0 0 true
stereo_mode 0
mask_expansion false
random_num 1085170977
random_num 1725506725
random_num 1220935327
random_num 49929068
random_num 427924015
random_num 706313368
random_num 1722089128
random_num 1762643092
random_num 1932803026
random_num 324144005
random_num 700856647
random_num 558992020
random_num 530606635
random_num 814817723
random_num 512537686
random_num 1602479393
random_num 1825812720
random_num 1601230973
random_num 29970510
random_num 1225237235
random_num 48346940
random_num 39002832
random_num 1120048829
render_only false

Onse should also replace reference to AS Version in second line by substituting

version 32
### Created in Moho version 8.1, © 1999-2011 Smith Micro Software, Inc.


version 25
### Created in Moho version 7.1, © 1999-2010 Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Differente drawings might have addintional lines that must also be deleted. But this is a case by case analysis.

What I did to get to these lines was trying to open a ASdebut V8 wuth ASP v7 and deleting every line AS detected as wrong.

Hope it helps.

Opening ASdebut v8 file in ASP v7

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:06 pm
by wagmun
Sorry for one mistake.

Ignore line that says "0".

As a matter of fact, that's the most difficult one, because this zero must after the ] sign, like


That's the only zero that should be deleted.