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Would you be interested to pay 29.95 USD for a full set of video tutorials on character animation in Anime Studio?

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Re: Character Animation Video Tutorial Series

Post by Joofville » Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:52 am

Wishing you a speedy recovery man! I'm a fan of your work :)
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Re: Character Animation Video Tutorial Series

Post by robint » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:55 pm


Ive been messing with graphics stuff for years and one things comes out and that is the amount of time wasted in going through learning curves (it took me a year with photoshop to get confident and I only managed that with vid tuts)

Ive been through all the tuts on this site ... 7&index=28

Its quite good 8 oo 10 i guess and the guy is genuinely trying to help the beginner.

As with most of these tuts they make the mistake of being too verbose

When you are learning keystrokes, menues etc you want short sharp instructions (I did one recenlty on Corel Painter and it was a Japanese guy - vg - short instructions, so I got the point quickly.

Im sure you wont make the mistake of being the instructor who wants to show off how clever he is to the confused beginner - I hate those conceited types, many of them around. Also speed drawing is of limited use

Another fault is that the instructor does everything on the fly, no script

The above vid tut series suffers from wasting time going over repetitive parts (eg he rigs up the left leg methodically - then takes double time doing the same for the right leg)

Students generally have a limited attention span for intense learning - 20 mins to 40 mins max, then the same amount of time must be spent doing excercise to reinforce the learning

So you need to structure your 5 min vids with that process in mind

The price isnt an issue if the quality is right

Less is more

I suggested you put together a simple how to vid to demonstrate your instruction techniques and we can pull it apart for you.

Get this template right and the rest is easy IMHO (as a former instructor on AutoCAD)

Good luck

Im sure generous people on this board would pitch in and help you



there are many different genres of cartooning

I suggest you ask around for the different requirements

eg Im not really interested in making animations - I do Caricature Comics style rather than toons and was struggling with hateful Photoshop till a pal suggested ANIM pro 8
In photoshop you have to spend hundreds of hours following expert vidtuts - its bloody

so far AS has impressed me

3 years ago I spent a lot of time on Poser 7. It was instructive to learn 3d modelling but so incredibly time consuming ( I gave up on 3ds Max and Maya)
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Re: Character Animation Video Tutorial Series

Post by Dust » Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:08 pm

Well Gilles- What a blessing to hear from you.
I must say it has been sometime since I was on the Forum as business obligations took my time and I have not been able to do much Anime Studio, but today I wanted to check and lo and behold, news from Gilles.
I am very glad to hear you are doing well considering the circumstances. I sure can understand it has been tough for your wife to see you struggle like that. It must have brought you together. Do not worry about refunding the money I send to you. I would not even want it.
A heartfelt God bless you and all the best.
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Re: Character Animation Video Tutorial Series

Post by Fahim » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:34 pm

Good to hear from you Gilles. Wishing you a speedy recovery! We all missed you very dearly!
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