These drawing tools suck!

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Post by crsP » Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:50 am

The style is causing the shading to appear where you don't want it to. If you used a style, it will be default for all new shapes, unless you turn it off as Parker suggests. Bear this in mind also: if you have a shape selected and you turn off the style, or change the colour, you are only making the change to that particular shape. Once you go to make another shape, you revert back to the original state of the style \ colour etc. To get the style [or colour etc.] off the default, make sure you have no shape selected first before you make the changes.
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Post by AmigaMan » Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:45 pm

Well, it's all subjective isn't i? I bought DrawPlus X4 and started using it for backgrounds. However, I soon found that I could create what I wanted faster in AS. It's most likely because I'm more experienced with AS and nothing wrong with drawPlus. You are obviously more experienced with DrawPlus. The fault is not with AS I assure you.

Watch Parkers tutorials.
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Post by dm » Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:51 pm

I don't have a problem doing what you're describing in ASP. Works fine here, pretty much as described in the other posts. Perhaps you should try to remove and reload the software. Sometimes things go awry on your hard drive.

The interface is just idiosyncratic. If you'd been using it since v. 5, you shouldn't have much issue adjusting. I don't like the drawing tools in ASP, but I don't have any problem with using them. I think the original idea behind Anime Studio was as a 'puppet manipulator" , and as such it's interface and tool set was made with that in mind. What CAD package(s) do you use? Perhaps you should try Flash or Toon Boom or one of the other animation packages. They all have free trials.
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Post by cadman » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:25 am

the backgrounds I draw in 1080p fit perfectly in AS but are HUGE in Toonboom, even though it's also set for 1080p so I don't know what their problem is....I want to reiterate that I believe AS Pro 7 is an awesome animating software, I'm just here venting about the drawing tools
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Post by cadman » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:32 am

I have an oval that I want to assign the flesh color to, yet no matter how I select it it's filled with tool, fill tool, click on the flesh style and it's black....try it with the flesh style picked first then pick the oval and fill tool and it's still black.....what am I missing?
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Post by Uolter » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:45 am

You're missing the guide. Read It carefully.
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Post by cadman » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:33 am

I have the skin style selected why does it fill it with purple? I want the skin style, I had purple before but I picked skin so make it skin
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Post by sbtamu » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:12 am

You need to select the shape before you go to styles and modify it.
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Post by crsP » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:43 pm

You need to work on your communication skills. You make these brief sentences of your problem and go off on tangents [what has toon boom to do with this problem?!] which makes it confusing to know what you are asking. I thought you had the styles applied but you didn't want them. But now it seems you want to apply the styles but it's not happening. Is that so?

One thing it could be is that you have your display preferences to turn off effects, so maybe the style is applied but not displayed. Is it missing in the render?

Everyone here seems to be confused at your problem, so maybe you should do some screen grabs so we can see if there is something wrong with your settings. Or a screencast would also help, if possible.
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Post by cadman » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:00 am

someone mentioned I should get toon boom so I just said, why they are even worse

if I have everything set when I draw something it seems okay but if I try to change it later stuff seems to stick...if there was a shadow applied to the style no matter what I change that shadow is there, I get rid of the style and change the color but it still has the shadow even if I click i=on the shadow and tell it plain
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Post by dueyftw » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:06 am

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Post by PARKER » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:19 am

Nice video duey
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Post by crsP » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:41 pm

Okai, my apologies - I didn't take in the Toon Boom suggestion because it seemed like an off the cuff remark to use other apps for your artwork and bring into AS. Also Toon Boom is the company and not the software, so it could have meant pencil check pro... heh

Could you get some screen grabs going? I'm not sure what you mean by 'get rid of the style' - do you mean you delete the style completely or just remove it from that particular shape? And what are you clicking on to 'tell it plain'? I ask because the way it was explained to me is that a style is overlaid over the 'normal' fill and stroke settings. So for example if the normal settings has a stroke width of 8, and your style has a width of 2, you will still see a stroke width of 8, as the style does NOT override the normal settings. So maybe you have a shadow on, despite what your style has. Lastly, you can have two styles, so maybe you have a style with a shadow on that you do not realise.

Show a screen grab of the style palette and all your settings. Applied it to a circle and show a screen grab of the preview as well as the render. Maybe something can be spotted then
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Post by lovebiscuit » Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:36 am

It's simpler than you think, my friend!

However, this is animation - and you need to remember that you're not drawing things, you're engineering them.

That's why it seems like it's more complicated than it needs to be. In truth, it's just marginally more complicated than the drawing you are so used to. The very things that irritate you, actually facilitate what we're all busy doing...

Anime Studio Pro does require you to learn some new things.

You may have forgotten it now, but you did once learn new things in relation to the drawing software you champion. Perhaps not even when you started using it - try and think back further, to the first time you used any drawing software or even just a computer. You did learn basics.

This is not drawing... it's animation :D
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Post by RichardU » Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:45 pm

I'm learning ASP, and was drawn to this thread because of the title. I have found ASP to be less intuitive than other programs, particularly with respect to styles, but trust all will be understood in time.

In the meanwhile, I've made a cheat sheet. I still have some questions in brackets [like this] and would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

  • Styles / New - Enter a name
    Make Fill and Stroke selections
    Keep making changes until ___[When? What concludes this process?]___

  • Click on Styles, Choose the Named Style
    Make Fill and Stroke Selections. Any existing shape with that Style will change.
  • Use Add Point, Freehand, or Create Shape to create a shape
    To combine shapes (e.g. to add holes) you may need to use the Delete Shape tool and then the Create Shape tool.
    Any new shape will have the Style of the most recent of:
  • Any other shape you have selected, or
    Any Style you have chosen (or defined) under Styles
[Here is a question: When you use the Delete Shape tool, it leaves the outline. Presumably that is no longer a shape. What would you call it? Shape ghost?]

DELETE A SHAPE [and the Shape ghost or whatever it's called]
  • Select Points G - select all points in the shape
    Press Delete Key
    (If it does not delete, make sure you are on Frame 0)
  • Select Shape Q - Click on the shape
    Choose the desired style from Style 1 or Style 2
  • Select Shape Q - Click on the shape
    Make Sure Style 1 and Style 2 are set to <None>
    Make Fill and Stroke Selections [may need to activate checkboxes to right of fill and stroke selections.]
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