Sync Brush Randomness to Vector Layer Noise settings

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Sync Brush Randomness to Vector Layer Noise settings

Postby formxshape » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:24 pm

So if you create an image/png based brush, untick the 'Minimise frame-to-frame randomness', you get 'boiling' lines, which is kinda good if you want each frame to look as if it was individually drawn. However it's stuck at 'every' frame, and looks frantic. It'd be great if you could set the frame interval for that, as you can do in a vector layers 'Noise Settings'>'Interval (frames)'. So for every 3 frames etc.

The layer settings for Vector>Noise settings are a great way to get a 'boiling' line effect and make each frame look hand drawn, particularly with a frame rate of 12fps and setting the interval to 3. But, the 'brush' stroke, the way the brush png's are drawn along a stroke, stays in the same order/position and doesn't sell the effect. The minimise frame to frame setting gets the png brushes redrawn, but now it's out of sync with the vector interval. Would love to see this synced. Then we can get a really good frame by frame hand drawn boiling line effect - all with vectors FTW :D
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