Better 3D object translation/rotation tool

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Better 3D object translation/rotation tool

Post by yueda » Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:15 pm

I wish Moho has better 3D manipulation tool for 3D translation and rotation.

First about, Moho should have 3D gizmos that visualizes which direction the selected 3D object is facing.

2nd, Moho should have a better 3D manipulation tool like Maya has. Currently, when you want to rotate a 3D object, you have to use the both Transform Layer tool and Rotate Layer XY tool. The each tool has the completely different way of rotating layes: Transform Layer tool rotate layer based on the layer's orientation while Rotate Layer XY tool works based on Camera orientation. The new tool should be able to control the all XYZ rotation value at once while having an ability to switch between manipulating 3D objects based on camera and object's orientation.

I understand that the current setup works for 2D layers but doesn't do the justice for real 3D objects.
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