Colored Points for Drawing & Rigging Stage

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Colored Points for Drawing & Rigging Stage

Postby drumlug13 » Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:12 pm

Just wondering what you think about having the ability to color points during the drawing and rigging process? (Not to be confused with the "Color Points Fill Tool")

Since the addition of Smart Bones and other features in recent AS versions, we are able to create some pretty complex rigs. And as the artwork gets more complex we are trying to turn, in some cases, dozens of points around in 2.5D space. It can get pretty difficult to keep track of points as they move behind, or in front of other points. I realize that we can select a point to highlight in red, but it would be extremely helpful to color other points a blue or green etc. so we can watch how certain points are moving in relation to other points.

A simple example would be turning a 2.5D cube with a Smart Bone action. If we can color the points of the front square blue, and color the points of the back square green, it would be easier to keep track of which points belong to which shape as the cube turns in 2.5D space.
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