Smart bones action naming

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Smart bones action naming

Post by kavlor » Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:06 am

If the action you create has to be the same name as the bone I think this should be an automatic thing and does the smart bone have to be done through actions.I do think smart bones could be streamlined.Anyway a temporary solution(as oppose to something dramatic till a better method can be done,(see below)) could be to add a button that automatically puts all bones into the action window and when you double click a smart bone in the action it highlights the bone(it doesn't do this at the moment).Also if you decide to rename a bone it should rename the action automatically(tried this to make sure it didn't do it already).

On a slightly separate note since bone rigging is done on frame zero and now we have smart bones what if we were to have a tab added to the Timeline that takes you to a bone rigging and smart bone setup.All bones could be automatically setup as smart bones without using the actions.You could just tab back to the normal Timeline to see what it looks like on the Timeline.You'll be able to steadily go through each frame of the cycle with less messing about(for lining up limbs,not needed for checking creases).

Now what I wrote above I'm hoping there isn't some fundamental things I'm not thinking about or not fully grasping some things but anyway it somehow feels like it could be more intuitive.Anyway let me know if there are any holes in my logic.
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Re: Smart bones action naming

Post by funksmaname » Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:32 am

I think dynamic renaming of actions could be a very good feature.

With the rest, the problem is that bones can be part of both standard and blend morph actions, as well as smart bone actions - so it wouldn't be practical to have AS assume that you just want to act on smart bone actions all the time... unless I'm missing something? Using Ramon's helper scripts will definately help (see my recent video in scripting) as they allow you to jump in and out of a selected bones SBA timeline very quickly.
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