Precision Gradient creation

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Precision Gradient creation

Post by kavlor » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:19 am

Now that gradients have transparency between layers for individual colours i thought more precise gradients could be made when more than 2 colours are used.My suggestions:

An auto spacing button for the colours in the gradient box this could be evenly spaced and/or ever decreasing/increasing spacing.

An even better way might be to allow scaling of the gradient dialogue box(or just a bigger one) with snap to grid for the colours you place.

A final idea is when you create a new colour between 2 holding a key(shift,Alt or Ctrl) it will be placed in the exact middle of the 2(nearest grid position if snap to grid is on).

I know its possible to achieve the above manually in some circumstances by repeating a rectangle on a grid but this would be a lot quicker and easier and also circular gradients would benefit.
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