made me crazy :(

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made me crazy :(

Postby imwm » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:19 am

i bought moho 12 pro the first it came and though i will work with it smoothly and fast
and sadly i never make one job done from that day !!
first library crashing then i never use it and it keep crashing anyway
i ask for help and no one give me any help !!
now after the update i face a problem that moho keep saying not responding and when i press anything like layer or color it get lag for 30 mint to work !!
i reinstall it and the same thing happend
if moho never make me do anything then i lose money for nothing !!

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Re: made me crazy :(

Postby imwm » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:21 am

i use a lot of animating and design applications never face any problem but with moho 12 pro !!
and no one here give a help !!
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Re: made me crazy :(

Postby chucky » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:02 am

Sorry but , this is all a bit weird and vague.
What's happening clearly doesn't make sense and I'm sure many sympathise, but the post here makes even less sense.
Your computer looks well equipped , I have similar specs.
Reinstall. Disable GPU, start a new an empty project.
Don't use the library....
Maybe you have some weird corruption in your OS?
I don't know where to start with this, it's just too broad.
Sequential offender.
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Re: made me crazy :(

Postby Greenlaw » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:11 pm

I agree with Chucky, your post is a bit vague on details.

Which version of Moho are you using now? If you're on 12.2, make sure Auto-save is disabled. This feature is not working properly in 12.2 and it can make the program unstable.

If you have the recently released 12.3 installed, Auto-save is supposed to be fixed but try disabling it just in case.

Based on your description, the behavior isn't normal at all. FWIW, I use Moho 12 Pro at work for TV production work nearly every day without significant problems. The issue may be with the Moho installation on your computer or something conflicting with it.

A conflict could exist between some background utility or drivers you have installed.

I think the easiest thing to try is to make sure you have the latest driver for your graphics card. Try running Moho after installing the latest driver and see if it improves stability.

I don't know what else you have installed on your computer but try disabling any background programs you may have and see what happens.

If you still have trouble, try performing a clean installation for Moho. To do this, deactivate your Moho license from the menu, and then completely uninstall Moho and remove any leftover files, including any related 'hidden' files in your user folder. Then install 12.3 and re-activate. (Note: If you don't deactivate before removing all files, you may lose an activation (you get three activations.) You can regain a 'lost' activation through your account but it's better if you don't lose it to begin with.)

Hope this helps. If you figure out what's causing the problem with your computer, please report it here. Thanks!
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