headturn issue

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headturn issue

Postby nils » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:28 pm


I have an issue with a headturn action. In the bone layer i made a group folder for the head items witch are vector layers and 3 group folders for the eyes and mouth.
In the bone layer i made a smart bone with an action. in the action i animated the vector layers and the group folders for the eyes and mouth.
When i test the rig in frame zero only the animations on the vector layers work, the group folder animations (layer animation) don't move at all.
Funny enough, in the timeline itself it works just fine but with this behaviour it is difficult testing the rig.

After a few crashes it also seems that somehow the file maybe corrupt, apart from the smart bone issue, layer stacking animation also stopped working.
i don't know if this is possible or that something has to be purged or reset.
Does anyone know what could be happening here ?

Any help is much appreciated!

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