library bug when deleting files?

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library bug when deleting files?

Postby cabbage0896 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:40 pm

Has anyone encountered a bug in the library when deleting files? using windows 10 and moho 12 whenever I delete an item in my library the program "encounters an error and most close" ... most frustrating, has anybody had this problem? I repair and delete many of my files as I go along and this problem happens constantly. I'm trying to find if this problem is common and if I should take it further. any feedback is appreciated. thanks
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Re: library bug when deleting files?

Postby Ahroo » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:59 pm

I usually encounter a program crash when I save something to the library. Yet when I relaunch Moho (currently on 12.2; Win 10), the saved item is there. I also encounter program crashes often when I am duplicating a layer, and at other random times unrelated to the library. So now, just about every time I make ANY change (even adding a single point or keyframe), I've gotten into the habit of saving the file to minimize loss of work in anticipation of a possible crash . For those who insist that most crashes are due to "user error," I'd like to mention that I have been using Anime Studio since version 5 and so am quite familiar with the interface, and never encountered these kinds of frequent crashes doing these same, basic actions. I am hoping that there is another update to version 12 which addresses these frequent crashes.
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