Peak/smooth proiblem

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Peak/smooth proiblem

Post by wagmun » Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:14 am

Today I worked all morning with the same problem I´ve being facing for a week - not being able to change a point to peak (ASP decided what to do by itself - always smooth). Suddenly, late in the evening, I realized that the shape I was working on was working perfectly regardng peaking and smoothing it. I was now having control over it. And I was working on the same file I was having troubles with.
To me, this is definetely a bug because it works sometimes, and all of a sudden it stops working the expected way.
Another bug I face frequently is filling.
I'm in the middle of a project, and suddenly one of the shapes is not filled properly.
For example: I have a shape filled in pink. I decide to change it to green. I change the fill color to green, click on the shape I want to change with the shape tool, and click "create shape"... and voilà... nothing happens. Color just doesn´t change.
Another try... nothing. then I click whatever color in the color swatch... and after two, three or more trials, color then changes to the one I need. It´s as if ASP was a living creature. It decides to fill correctly if it feels like to - with no explanations. Nothing changed. Just being patient and try a few times. So it was not a defective shape problem. Or a mistake I was making. After some trials the shape was filled correctly (sorry for my English).
Sometimes it just doesn't fill it right. Then I have to redraw the whole shape, then OK. Then erase the stubburn one.
And sometimes the shape is filled with a different color. tonight, for instance, I was trying to change the color from blue to green. It changed the color to something in-between. If I chose green, it gave me brown. If I chose red, it gave some king of turqoise. Yellow, some greenish... or whatever.
I had to erase the shape and redraw it. then color was correct on first attempt.
Am I the only one having these problems?
And I´ve faced the same problem working on a Mac and on a Windows computer. So it´s not my operating system or the ASP verson (both ASP 7: one Windows, the other, Mac).
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