Remake my character in Moho

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Remake my character in Moho

Post by specialoh » Mon May 11, 2020 8:45 pm

Hey, I use PSD characters imported into Moho - in my project i value that type of look over functionality etc

I was looking to hire somebody to copy one my characters as close as they could, but in Vector in moho.
I want to hire somebody to test one character - I have hundreds

I am looking to have this done for under $100 for 1 character (i have no idea if "copying" my guy will be harder or easier for you)
and I am willing to try 2 or 3 people out for this. (especially if you can do it for cheap :P)
PM or respond here!
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Re: Remake my character in Moho

Post by sang820 » Fri May 15, 2020 2:53 am

:shock: 喔,也许我可以尝试 :shock:

A:你的绘画文件(*.psd) 转化为 →→→ 矢量文件(*.moho)


B:你的绘画文件(*.psd) 转化为 →→→ 工程文件(*.moho+psd)

Paukwa Karagosi
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Re: Remake my character in Moho

Post by Paukwa Karagosi » Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:06 am

HI, are still looking for someone to redo the charactor for you or you got that done?
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Re: Remake my character in Moho

Post by fuataplay » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:05 pm


Can you contact me via E-mail? I see the messages here late.
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