Final Results of the Moho "5" Animation Co

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Final Results of the Moho "5" Animation Co

Post by kdiddy13 » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:57 pm

Thank you all for your patience. Work has been very crazy here (overtime for everyone involved). I managed to get the judges together over the weekend (we all happened to be at work :( ) and had them sit down to watch the entries. The results are as follows:

Best in Theme - The Contest by kilerant
"5" factored into the story several times beyond just mentioning Moho 5. They enjoyed the simplicity of story and animation, and got a chuckle over the "Catch and Release" contest.

Technical Achievement - Number 5 is Alive by Nobudget
The variety of character animation (especially the "winner" of the spokesman contest and using stills to animate his hands and face), as well as the use of particles, camera work, and layer blur to match the animation into live action was particularly well done. It lost some points on trying to be offensive (especially the Asian character, the stereotype just came off as unfunny more than anything else). But overall, it seemed to show off the capabilities of Moho nicely.

Congratulations to nobudget for the Audience Choice award, too! The masses have spoken and nobudget is their hero!

Best Animation - Be Nice to Penguins by Banterfield
The accents and singing got everyone laughing pretty hard, especially Hepburn. The animation was well done and it showed off the software very nicely (particles, cameras, animation, etc.). But mostly the judges found this entry to be the most entertaining of the bunch, and really appreciated the original song.

Congratulations to everyone who place and more importantly found the time to enter the contest! Each entry had it's merits and deciding was not easy.

For those of you who won, you should PM Lost Marble and arrange for the delivery of your prizes.

Until next time,