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how do i paste stuff from photoshop 2 anime studio(reposted)

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:28 am
by kiiki
i have to keep reposting this because i need someone to reply to this the right way and this is very important for me
so if you know how to paste stuff from photoshop to anime studio with out saving the picture please tell me because for some reson i cant seam to paste anything to anime studio so please please PLEASE help me if you know how to please

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:41 am
by madrobot
Don't be a hater.

Dude, you need to save the picture.
Just save it.
It's a picture.
You cannot copy in Photoshop and then paste in Anime Studio
Expecting the image to appear.

It won't.

You need to save the image in Photoshop.
Then, go in to Anime Studio
And open the image.

If this is as important to you as you say,
dude for goodness sake follow these instructions
and by all means get back to us if it didn't work.
(Like with a screen grab of your file browser or something.)

Don't keep posting the same query again and again
the lads on here don't like it.
If people want to reply, they will, to your original thread.

I have a prediction:
If you dont at least make some effert to help yourself,
and demonstrate that in this thread
(requesting feedback, clarification, further advice, whatever.)
You will find that instead of tongue-in-cheek yet constructive advice from me
you will meet with deafening silence.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the next thread you start with the same
topic name and same query will be met with a flood of replies
explaining to suck in your stomach while you press ctrl+V
But dude.
I don't think it's going to happen.

Save the image.
Open it in AS.

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:03 am
by synthsin75
I think it is obvious you are not willing to put any effort into this. I mean you can't even be bothered to read enough of this forum to figure out you're posting these questions in the wrong area. Based on that alone, I'd bet you haven't read the AS help or tutorials.

If it's important enough, you'd be able and willing to find some answers for yourself. I don't think anyone here is very interested in spoon feeding you to basics you should be able to learn from the tutorials.

Re: how do i paste stuff from photoshop 2 anime studio(repos

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:38 am
by heyvern
kiiki wrote: so if you know how to paste stuff from photoshop to anime studio with out saving the picture please tell me
Why? Why do you need to paste without saving? could it be... a demo version of photoshop issue? There is no real compelling reason to NOT save the image. Sorry dude. You are out of luck. You need to save as JPG or PNG.

Madrobot has more courage than myself. He is brave enough to say what I feel. I lack the testicular fortitude to be that sarcastic. I can be sarcastic but I tend to hold back a bit. ;)

p.s. Madrobot, I always think of you now whenever I watch Lost or that new show Fringe... "Bad robot" is the production company that makes those shows. Bad Robot Madrobot... I get confused now. ;)


Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:43 am
by madrobot
Thanks Vern

I think I'm coming across as more sarcastic than I intended.
I was being playful and taking the piss a bit,
but WAS trying to help :D

As for Madrobot
yep, I saw Badrobot on Lost not long after I registered the business name

And Chuck pointed out a few other similar named things on in the US.

Nevermind, I like the name,
and that's the main thing for now :wink:

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:03 am
by heyvern
I'm jealous of the sarcasm. Every time I do it I am filled with guilt and regret. Sometimes though I get very frustrated with the lack of initiative demonstrated by the younger generation. Some good sarcasm is needed me thinks. ;)


I do tend to over analyze and try to read between the lines. It isn't so much the lack of initiative in this case as trying to "get around" some limitation. Kiiki mentioned "without having to save the image". This indicates an understanding that AS does require a saved image to import but he/she is DESPERATELY seeking a way around it which raised some flags in my mind. Many times in the past I've attempted to... uh... get around a limitation in a trial version of software that was "save disabled" by copy/paste or screen grabbing the image results.

Oops. Just gave away a trick. ;)


Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:23 am
by madrobot

kiiki what about that?
Screen grab the image
save it some other way (different app? Free image app?)
Then open that image in AS?

Cheers Vern

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:35 am
by heyvern
Kiiki, AS does not save images inside the file format. That is why you can't paste an image. AS is like a "web page". Images are not stored inside a web page. They have a path reference to the image file. The browser just displays the image by reading it from the path in the HTML file. If you save an HTML page there are no images inside it.

AS is exactly the same, images and audio are not stored in the file. Only a path reference to the file on your hard drive or a computer server on a network.


Kiiki where are you? You haven't responded yet? What's going on? All this great info and you are ignoring us. Maybe I need to post this in all the other threads. ;)

I was going to clean up this mess and move the threads to the right sections and delete the duplicates but... I'm too tired. I just don't feel like it. I'll do it later. ;)


Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:38 am
by chucky
Maybe I need to post this in all the other threads.

Ahhh nice sarcasm Vern, you're a natural. :lol:


Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:44 pm
by waterbender42
you cant paste, but you can save as a .PNG file and import it, that's what I do :3

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 10:13 pm
by Mikdog
Save the image file in Photoshop as a 24-bit .PNG file.

Then import it onto AS.

You can't COPY and PASTE images into AS, as AS references image files that are already saved.