$2500 for Snikkidy Snacks

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$2500 for Snikkidy Snacks

Postby GeniusRocket » Thu May 29, 2008 11:02 pm

The Snikiddies (Summer, Duke, Chi, Maria, Max and Buzz) are to be the voice of the Snikiddy Brand. As one of the first steps in this process, we are looking to bring voice and movement to each character and their bios/personalities. To date, bios have been developed, and the characters are represented on our product packaging and our website in 2 dimensions. Although the bio's are relatively specific, creators should feel free to build on those ideas or take them in new/creative directions, keeping in mind that the mothers are the primary audience (so appropriate adult humor is appreciated).

It is time for the Snikiddies to come to life for future communication and brand development. The first step in this process is to have each animated kid introduce themselves.

Final Deliverable will be six 10-15 second animated clips, one for each character, of the characters introducing themselves. (Read the "Guidelines": participants will be narrowed down to approximately 5 submittors in an initial round based upon character sketches.)

Snikiddy will actively work to develop future animations, and looks forward to cultivating working relationship with the selected creator and or runners up.

For more information go to: http://www.geniusrocket.com/rfb/snikidd ... snikiddies
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