Erratic points issue

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Erratic points issue

Post by Daxel » Fri Feb 28, 2020 4:56 pm


This issue happens when I have a group layer that is layer binded to a bone, and inside that group I have a vector layer with its points are animated by a smartbone. The consecuence is that, if I try move the points of the vector layer with any tool (like the magnet tool), the points move wrong in an unpredictable way.
I've isolated the issue making a new minimal proyect to ensure there is no mistake and it only happens if I layer bind the group to a bone and a smartbone is animating the points. It does not happen if I layer bind the vector layer directly, or if I dont bind any layer. It does not happen if I don't use the smartbone to animate the points.

This is happening using Moho 12.5 on Windows 10 pro 64 bits.
I've linked below a minimal reproduction proyect to simplify the testing.
The steps to reproduce the issue are very simple: Go to frame 24 (where the smarbone has animated the points), and try to move any point using Magnet tool or Transform Points tool. You can then delete the smartbone keyframes or Free the group layer, any of those two things should stop the issue from happening. Please help.!AiyKCw6Xey5TgY8Duav ... w?e=SNCuxm

Edit: right now my workarround is just to layer bind the vector layers directly, even if that implies layer binding a lot of layers instead of their switch group, wich is easy to do with Shift + Click to select all the layers.
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