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Folder Opacity

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:55 am
by uncle808us
Hi me again.
I really do search for answers and try things before coming here and bothering you guys.
But I'm back with another problem.
I have a bunch of images in a folder, I can rotate the folder and they all spin. The same with size and movement.
The problem I'm having is opacity. If I set it a 100 on the frame I want it to be fully opaque it's fine then I go to the frame where I want 0 opacity and set that.
The problem it only goes invisible on that last frame. Even though the read outs are gradual on the time line. I can get it to work if I do each image but that is a lot of work that I could prevent if I could just make the folder opacity work.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks again for taking your time to read this. I would appreciate any help.

Re: Folder Opacity

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:07 am
by uncle808us
OK I think I figured it out it works when rendered but not on screen, That's a shame I'd like to be able to preview it before I render. Sorry to have bothered you all.

Re: Folder Opacity

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:59 pm
by Greenlaw
Yeah, I think that's another OpenGL limitation in Moho. If it's not affecting my ability to animate the scene, I just ignore it.

But when it's really important to be able to see the transition while animating in the workspace, you can do the following:

Use Layer Comps to separate the group from the rest of the project, and pre-render the footage without the opacity effect as an image sequence. Hide the original group layer and then import the footage and apply the opacity key frames to that layer. Since you're not using the effect on a Group layer, you will see the effect and still have the option to re-time it.

Tip: When using Layer Comps, before I start isolating layers and groups, I like to create a 'Master' layer comp. This way, I can always go back to my preferred 'default' state for the project which may include hidden layers and groups.

Hope this helps.

Re: Folder Opacity

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:18 pm
by Greenlaw
Another option is to do all your effects in a compositing program.

I break out my key elements from Moho (i.e., Bg, Mg, Fg, Char, holdout mattes, etc.,) using Layer Comps and assemble the scene in a composting program. The programs I use can all display the opacity and other effects interactively. It's a faster way to work that also offers a lot more control over effects like lighting, optical effects, particles, warping, morphing, etc. I do the same thing when I'm working in 3D and live action, and I don't see any reason to handle 2D animation differently.

Between work and personal projects, I use After Effects, Fusion or Nuke, but I think pretty much any compositing program will work better for this sort of thing.

HitFilm is another good one and it's very affordable.

Actually Fusion is now very affordable too. I remember when it used to cost $5,000; now it's under $300. BTW, this is the program I composited my first Moho short Scareplane in. It's also the program I composited all of my Rhythm & Hues work in (e.g., LOTR: Return of the King, Star Wars Kinect, and a zillion TV commericals,) and most of the work i did for The Asylum (Sharknado 2, Megashark Vs. Mechashark, etc.) Fusion's UI and features is comparable to Nuke but it's easier to learn and use, and certainly Fusion is now a lot more affordable.