Need Bone Dial Help

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Need Bone Dial Help

Postby Guyon » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:10 pm

I have the following layers that are all Png Images in separate layers (Body, Head, Eye Open, Eye Mid, Eye Closed, Upper Lip, & Lowe Lip)

I created a Bone Layer calling it"Head" and dragged in all the layers except for the body.

Next, I Created a second Bone layer called "Head Control." Then drew this bone on the screen, naming the actual bone "Head Tilt", and reduce the bone strength to 0.

Next, I dragged the Bone Layer called Head (containing all my png's) into the Bone Layer called "Head Control"

Then making sure my bone "Head Tilt" was selected I click on Menu/Windows/Actions.

My problem is there are no bone names in the Action Box

What am I doing wrong?
Note: on the bones layer I do have both Flexible bindings, and Allow Nested layer control checked.
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Re: Need Bone Dial Help

Postby Greenlaw » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:53 am

It doesn't sound like you've created any Smart Bone Actions. Just adding 'control' bone by itself doesn't create any type of Action. You need to assign the Action to the bone for it to become a Smart Bone.

To create a Smart Bone action, you need to select the bone you want to use as a control or dial and do one of two things:

1. Choose the menu Select Bone: Make Smart Bone Dial. This method is usually easier for general Smart Bone Dials.


2. Click the New Action button in the Actions window. You'll configure the bone and set keyframes manually. If you want to make a dual direction control, repeat this process. This method is better if you're creating an Action to work within the skeleton, or you really need to customize the options for the bone.

(FWIW, I use method #2 all the time, even for setting up SBDs. This is probably out of habit, but also because I never use #1's default settings, and it's become faster for me to do set up exactly what I want manually.)

For further details about how to use a Smart Bone Action, you should read the section starting on page 104 of the User Manual.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Need Bone Dial Help

Postby Guyon » Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:01 am

Thank you so much Greenlaw.

You were excatly correct. Much appreciated.
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