Timeline freeze ups

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Timeline freeze ups

Postby Jkoseattle » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:28 am

I am finding that very often I can't drag the shuttle on the Timeline for up to 5-10 seconds at a time. I just have to keep trying and eventually it will work. Seems that I can use the transport buttons fine, it's just dragging that shuttle that seems to stop working often. Anyone know why this is?
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Re: Timeline freeze ups

Postby Greenlaw » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:08 am

I ran into an issue recently where the project suddenly got really unresponsive. It turned out that somehow a keyframe was created at around frame -1000 or so, and this can put a drag on timeline and animation performance. Maybe this happened to you?

Here's how to check:

1. In your bones layer, go to frame 1 and select all keyframes from 1 onward. Cut the keys.

2. Is there a key at frame 0? If there is, then you have a keyframe somewhere else in the Mainline, probably before frame 0. If so...

3. Click on each keyed channel. This should select any un-cut keyframes, including any before frame 0. Delete the selection. The keys at frame 0 should disappear.

4. Make sure you're still at frame 1. Paste the animation keys back into the scene.

If this was the problem you're having, the project should be fully responsive now.

Hope this helps.

If not, you may need to post more info about the issue or a demo project for us to try.
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