basic edit questions

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basic edit questions

Postby willwillwill » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:08 am

hopefully this is an easy question, sorry. I have been bumping my head against the wall and can't figure it out.
I have lip synced a scene and found that it's too long, plus now I want to add characters into the back ground and change it basically. Can I go into the timeline and cut out sections and not lose the lip sync, meaning if someone is talking too long and I'd like to place a cut like I would with video, cut to something and cut back to avoid jump cuts. There must be some tool, which one?
Thanks so much.
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Re: basic edit questions

Postby Greenlaw » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:24 am

It depends on how you animated the mouth, but basically you want to either avoid touching the lip sync keys while you edit the body animation, or store away the lip sync keys so you can bring them back after you edit the animation. For example...

If the mouth shapes were animated in a Switch layer, then the keys are separate from the rest of the rig, so they shoudn't be affected when you remove keys for the bones.

If the switch is operated by an SBD, you just need to select all the bones in your rig except the mouth SBD, then edit the Selected bones channels (the red one.)

If you're concerned about messing it up, you might considering sotring the lipsync keys to a regular Action and then edit your character's animation. When you're done, select the channels for the mouth, clear the keys, and then select the Action and click the Insert Keys button.

Or, don't even bother with the Action. Instead, save a copy of your scene and once you've reanimated the character, clear the lipsync, open the original scene and copy/paste the lipsync from that scene to your new scene.

I can think of a few other scenarios but this should give you some ideas to figure out what might work best in your your situation.
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