how does lenny work?...tut. 6.2.2

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how does lenny work?...tut. 6.2.2

Postby cabbage0896 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:36 pm

more rookie questions I think, I have been looking at the "JOE" character used in tutorial 6.2.2 for Moho 12 pro. Not for the particle effect intended in the tutorial but more fore the structure of the character and more specifically the bone controls. The characters used in that lesson have a bone layer and only one vector layer for the entire rig. I have one main question, how are certain bones controlling specific groups of points in that one vector layer? For instance a bone to control one eyebrow. Is it a smart bone dial, or bind by points, or just something simple I'm missing? I found no evidence of smart bones Idunno... I have been trying to replicate it with no luck. Can someone point me in the right direction, a tutorial perhaps? One other thing caught my attention was the entire "JOE" was on only one layer but it appeared to be layered, for instance the back arm was hidden by the body. Is that achieved by the order it was drawn and then stacked upon itself? Not important just throwing that one out there I'm more curious about them bones.. Thanks!
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Re: how does lenny work?...tut. 6.2.2

Postby dueyftw » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:34 pm

Lenny is one of the first characters that came with Moho. It was with Moho 5. Things have change.

Lenny is on one layer and uses the off set bone tool. On frame zero Lenny should be broken apart, then on frame one he comes together. The bones act if they are still on layer zero even if they are close to each other on frame one and beyond.

You can have everything one one vector layer, but life is so much easier if a character has separate layers for each part.

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Re: how does lenny work?...tut. 6.2.2

Postby Greenlaw » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:16 pm

Just to add to Dale's post, nowadays you would probably use Use Selected Bones For Flex-binding to bind the layers. If you do this correctly, you can limit which bones will deform selected layers. It's easier and more accurate than using the Offset Bone tool.

That said, I occasionally use the Offset Bone tool combined with Use Selected Bones For Flex-binding when I want to keep certain bones and artwork clear of the rest of the rig.

For example, in the All Hail King Julien episode featuring Thighsander Plunderhorse, I used Offset Bone so I could keep the character's long tail off to the side of the body at frame 0. This made it easier to select the tail bones for Sketch Bones without worrying about selecting other body bones in the rig--e.g., from any frame: 1.Design Mode, 2. Marquee select tail bones, 3. Design Mode. 4. Animate. (Sorry, I can't show the rig but you can see the animation in my 2017 demo reel linked below. The scene near the end where she's posing with the sword probably shows off the tail setup the best.)
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