Patch layer-binding

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Patch layer-binding

Post by otonal » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:33 pm

hey people
alright the patch function in version 8 works like a dream. very good work !

BUT.... what can you do to bind the elbow patch to the upperarm bone so that it follwos the arms rotations and stays in place just like it should????
-as layer binding is not offerend when selecting the patch under the bone group as it is possible for vectorlayers under the bones...

when it would be allowed the patch would follow the upperarm motion- plus still having its own layersettings available on top of that for slight offsetting adapting at certain frames -that would be what i want!

by now for me rotating the upper arm bone leaves the elbow path behind and i have to animte it to follow on each pose which is tedious and works not really well.

hope i only made something wrong or you guys have a workaround idea-- if not i stronly suggest to make patches possible for layerbinding in version 9.
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Re: Patch layer-binding

Post by exile » Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:20 pm

In case you missed the thread "Hiding lines in flash files" there is a good tutorial on the patch layers: ... _patch_la/

You can bind them to a bone, which works great - it isn't in the manual, but the video shows how it's done.

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